AI Revolutionizing Media and Entertainment Space

AI and cognitive computing are pushing the boundaries of the entertainment industry to a new unimaginable level.AI in advertising helps marketers to segment effectively, target the right audience with the right messages, especially customized messages. Personalization is possible nowadays as AI targets the right audience with relevant communication as it analyzes consumers’ demographics, buying patterns, tastes, and behavior data. It is also an opportunity for the brands to have one-to-one conversion to gain and listen to consumer insights.

Marketers use natural language generation and deep learning to write creative and marketing copy, predict its impact and optimize it with the help of Machine Learning. There are algorithms to predict the winning campaigns before even launching the campaign by going through the data on Facebook and Instagram. Computer vision technology guides the marketers to the position and placement of advertisements. Instead of traditional A/B testing, AI helps to decide on the content and choice of ads using the data. It predicts the performance of an advertisement across various media channels and benchmarks competitors’ performance.

AI categories and classifies the contents of YouTube and OTT platforms to better user experience. Content moderation services of AI control the objectionable content of videos and films from broadcasting by judging the consumer’s age. Customized Chatbots for virtual assistance, Fake content identification, Sentiment analysis are the boon to the media industry’s way of functioning now.

With the rapid penetration of internet and smartphone usage, customers’ expectations and access to various media anywhere at any time have also increased. The media industry can access numerous amounts of data effectively with the help of AI and cognitive computing.

Hyper personalization, one-to-one contextualized communication at the right time, at the right place, and in the right channel is possible by AI. Automated editorial content with a relevant image creation suitable to the target customer saves time for the media and entertainment industry.

We are witnessing AI already, Netflix guides us on what to watch now. Some ads pop up based on our recent search behavior or interests or demographics where Adwords and Adsense play a role. Similarly, Amazon’s personalized messages and recommendation system guide customers’ engagement, purchase, and loyalty. Automated transcriptions of online videos are a boon to online education other than Youtube videos and Movies. Audio annotations and Meta tagging subtitles customized to the required language are a trend now. Cadbury celebrations’ Diwali ad, “NotJustACadburyAd” used AI and machine learning to create Sharukh Khan’s clone and voice to take local stores’ names which aimed to help the local Kirana shop to boost up their business after the impact of Covid 19. This ad was created with a targeted local store’s names as per the pin code of the viewer. Later, the customized ad by many of the retailers through their social media handles was tough to cover all the retailers as the numbers are many.

AI is revolutionizing the media from resurrecting a deceased actor, content marketing, content creation software, plagiarism detection, fake story detection, customizing the videos, and hyper-personalized ads to the targeted audience.

Professor & HOD, DSCE- MBA


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