Artificial Intelligence in HRM

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration into human resources (HR) practices will make organizations better because these applications can analyse, predict and diagnose to help HR teams make better decisions. This article highlights how the artificial intelligence can be used in several ways in the HR function of an organization.

Candidate Resumes on Digital Forms

Companies require the newly hired candidates to re-enter the information in several places. This repetitive task will create a poor impression on the organization and to prevent this organisations start using AI. AI will help the candidates to transfer information from their resumes to smart digital forms. AI can also recognize relevant information from the candidate’s resume, store it and input into future forms. It can also match the candidate’s previous experience and assign suitable role for them.

Employee Referrals

With the help of AI, we can understand the employee referrals by looking into the kind of candidates employees are referring. It can also analyse previous referrals and find out the successful candidates who can be hired. AI supports the HR department by automating repetitive and low value tasks so that HR teams can concentrate on creative and strategic work.

Data resources and Insights

AI provides resources and insights which are directly gathered from employees and help the HR team to act and deliver. By using Artificial intelligence we can connect with the employees and understand their needs fully

AI-Backed Chat bots and engagement

AI backed chat bots keep the conversation going with the employees and it empowers both the employees and HR professions. It helps to find out the employee sentiment on a day to day basis and keep the engagement all year along. Chat bots engage the users on personalized conversation and help the HR professional to analyse and leverage the information. Engaging employees through chat bots helps the organization to reduce turnover.

Learning and Development

The future of learning and development departments using AI will increase tremendously over the next couple of years. Learning and development has to not only teach people AI skills, but also prepare employees for new roles that will require more human skillsets: analytical, strategic, critical thinking, cultural awareness, emotional intelligence. To adapt to these changes, L&D departments are transitioning to agile learning models that support the individual learning versus providing broad-based solutions for the organization as a whole.
Some of the ways of building the employee experience through adopting AI:
* Personalizing the learning journey based on job role, existing skill sets, development plan
and future goals
* Real-time responses to frequently asked questions via chat bots

Leveraging Workforce Data

HR teams can use AI to leverage workforce data to predict employee potential, fatigue, attrition and even overall engagement. This will ultimately enable more productive conversations to improve the employee experience, retention and performance.

Workforce Analytics

Organizations are turning to workforce analytics and planning. In these workforce analytics applications, AI and machine learning are becoming even more important.AI in HR empowers managers to solve problems and can lead to more informed decisions that affect employee and organizational success. Using real-time analytics, allow the managers to make more informed decisions that avoid issues before they arise.
Finally the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence are very rapidly impacting the organization. This has resulted in a massive shift in the way people interact with technology and teams. Organizations have to partner with HR professionals to personalize the approach in implementing AI at work in order to meet the changing expectations.

– Dr.R.Sethumadhavan


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