“You’re in charge of your mind. You can help it grow by using it in the right way”

Carol Dweck.

Do you believe in yourself and develop your talents by investing in hard work and strategizing to improve further? You are with a growth mindset. Things will fall in line as per wish. Your growth mindset makes you put in hard work and efforts to learn new things that are not the case with fixed mindset people who believe in talents are innate gifts and no effort to improvise them further. A growth mindset put people the sense of their purpose, what they stand for and where they can move forward. It is an underlying belief that people have about their learning and intelligence and a belief that these can be developed over a while.

 The Growth mindset motivates people, triggers innovation, and improves productivity. Are open-mindedness and flexibility the growth mindset? No. There is no perfect status of mindsets for any individual, however, they fall under any of the continua between growth and fixed mindset.

 How are these relevant for individual growth and organizational growth?

People with a growth mindset always embrace flaws and setbacks as a stepping stone for success, indulge in lifelong learning, and get inspired by other’s success stories whereas, people with a fixed mindset try to hide flaws and setbacks, avoid challenging tasks, and has believed in putting efforts are waste of time and feel threatened by other’s success. Positive self-talk will reinforce the growth mindset and always try to avoid negative statements like, I can’t, etc. The power of belief, both conscious and unconscious and a small change in it has a profound impact on our lives, as per Carol Dweck,Stanford psychologist. “The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life”. A fixed mindset calls for a sense of urgency to prove oneself again and again in various situations.

Not every time the result is only to be rewarded, efforts, strategies, persistence, and resilience must also be rewarded to maintain a growth mindset of their people in an organization. The growth mindset in people can be developed by consistent self-talk whenever there is a setback. A supportive work environment motivates to seek help from each other and the organization’s support to take risks without fear about the outcome but favoring the learning at the end are important. However, fixed mindset people hesitate to face challenges, the fear of failure in comparison to others, and criticism in front of the colleagues fall them into insecurity and defensiveness that inhibits the growth of the person and affects the organization as a whole. Positive feedback consistently develops a growth mindset. Yes. It can be cultivated by developing oneself by new learning, getting positive feedback …

A positive belief in oneself and a positive work environment that facilitate sharing of information, collaboration, innovation, seeking feedback, admitting errors, and risk-taking ability are essential to one’s growth and also the growth of the organization.

Dr. K. G Hemalatha
Professor & HOD
Department of Management Studies, DSCE.


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