Happiness at work place

In many companies, work stress and employee wellbeing becoming a cause of concern. Companies realize that happiness at work will result in better engagement, a stronger bond among the employees, improved health, and great employee productivity.

An index to measure happiness at the workplace is not a bad idea but the experience of corporate all over the world shows that organizations cannot ignore the happiness quotient. Employers think that money and flexible timing are the sole criteria to reverse the situation of employee unhappiness. But a majority of the talented employees try to leave the organization. From a monetary point of view, it is trust and being engaged become important to increase the happiness quotient in an organization.

Most of the surveys predict that job satisfaction is the most important factor which decides the happiness and this makes the employees daily coming to their offices.  Firms have to let their employees do their work which is considered best instead of imposing certain unrelated works.

Another important factor ignored by most organizations is employee recognition. Recognizing the employees for their work leads to improved engagement, employee pride and this may result in improved productivity for an organization.

According to a study by the University of Florida, star performing employees also will behave indifferently if they dislike the work and believe the boss is unfair. Various studies show that employees who are feeling positive emotions towards the work will be creative and most efficient.

An increase in happiness quotient at work will lead to employees not absenting to work, improved retention, and reduction in the efforts to recruit new employees. In an interview, the Chief people officer of leading private insurance says that happiness has shifted from long-duration satisfaction to short-duration desires. Generation ‘Y’ believes in ‘live in the moment’ and it is a big challenge for HR leaders of the future.

Faculty, DSCE-MBA


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