Key employee skills in the digital era

As a growing number of organizations adopting digital transformation, mature organizations require not only strategy but also digital culture and technology infrastructure. More than that organizations require highly skilled and tech savvy workforce. Here are the most sought after skills for the employees of your organization so that they can support digital transformation.


1. Responsive mindset

This trait helps the employees to handle challenges that may arise concurrently and they can dissect tasks to smaller goals they can be easily conquered. It helps to employees in reinforcement so that goal can be achievable.

2. Analytical mindset

Data literacy is a must for the digital employees and there is no dearth of data for the companies to access. Organizations today require not only skilled workforce that can analyse data but who can utilize data to take an informed decisions.

3. Social media literacy

Nowadays businesses thrive on social media for their success. Modern business organizations require a workforce who can communicate the policies and offerings through social media effectively.

4. Virtual collaboration

The future is digital and leveraging the tools to keep the workforce on the same is important for an organization. A mix of tech infrastructure and the collaboration with others will ensure business continuity.

5. Continuous learning

Organizations will be ready to hire the employees with diverse skill sets. So up-skilling and re-skilling becomes important for the employees. Digital space always demands the employees to stay abreast of latest technology and the people who have a zeal to learn and grow with newer trends will have an edge over others.

6. Design thinking

It requires a person to find out the customer’s wants and needs and provide every possible solution. Leader’s job is to go for a best solution for the client so that it may lead to satisfaction. As a team leader he has to formulate the plan to satisfy the customers.

7. Customer-centric

Organization should be driven by the customer needs and it should help the company to innovate and bring quality products to the market. Firm has to be customer centric and they should devise strategies to resolve customer related issues.

8. Computational thinking

More organizations depend on new technologies like AI, Deep learning, Block chain and etc. The skills acquired in these areas help the employees to draw conclusion from the accumulated data. Data based reasoning requires tremendous efforts with a deep understanding of AI driven technologies.

9. Cross-functional expertise

It takes lot of time to achieve expertise in cross functional areas but it should not deter any individual from mastering it. When operating projects, employees must be able to engage in multiple roles to provide effective solutions.

– Dr.R.Sethumadhavan


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