Marketing Fortresses

We’re witnessing an increase in the number of gated communities that acquire consumers, provide ways to advertise to them, and allow firms to complete purchases in real time. This phenomenon can be called as “marketing fortress” based on Seufert’s concept of “content fortresses,” (John Koetsier, Forbes, 2022). Content Fortress is defined by Seufert, (2021) as “any platform or portfolio of products supported by a rich advertising ecosystem serving owned and operated inventory using only first-party data”

Source: Eric Benjamin Seufert, 2021

How does marketing fortress works? This new environment will be catalyzed by ATT (App Tracking Transparency) policy of applications which will enable an open web or a third party application to access data and use this data for targeting advertisements to closed ecosystems or walled gardens of social networks and digital applications such as browsers, app stores, social media sites, and applications like amazon and flipkart etc.. The data then will be used track and suggests products to consumers during their purchase process,

The main focus for organization to have marketing fortress is to make the customer able to “buy anything, anywhere, anytime”. Payoneer director Irina Marciano recite that “The result of  rapidly increased digitalization has been a merging of digital environments, as evidenced by tech giants like Facebook and Instagram launching shopping capabilities, and social platforms like TikTok rolling out their own marketplaces,”

Marketing fortress basically led by social networks although google can also be considered as an example for this. Doug Huntingdon, CEO of FatTail also proposes that “Customers commerce capabilities are getting stronger. Consumers who cut their teeth buying on Amazon now expect to be able to buy anything, anywhere, and anytime.” So, here what happens is having an ultimate consumer experience by making them comfortable while purchasing products or services, Also, easily making them to evaluate alternatives.

Source: Eric Benjamin Seufert, 2021

As you can see in the above it shows how marketing and content fortress works. So social media and applications works as multi-channel platforms which can be called as mega app. In the present all brands and platforms wants first party data than third party data. When a product is under the marketing fortress of third party, it will help the products to have individual strategy for SEO, branding, PPC and Content Management in a single shelf. As per the words of Marciano “with Marketing Fortress, omni-channel, omni-device environment, marketers who focus on user experience will find themselves able to push ahead of competition,”

The current trend in marketing with Marketing Fortresses is a trend which will eventually collapse the various layers of consumer technology into Mega App platform companies. Consumer brands used to look at Facebook’s enormous audience as a resource to tap into through advertising in order to grow their own. So with Marketing Fortress, content interactions taking place in the first-party environment of the platforms, allowing developers to continue advertising effectively while cutting off their direct connection to consumers. So, it will act as a catalyst between the product and the consumers and the third parties. So, in 2022 it may be the reckoning force for marketers.

Prof. Ganesha K.S
Assistant Professor


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