As a student of this college, i can proudly say that this is one of the best institutes out there. Dayananda sagar college of engineering (VTU ) has some of the most impressive infrastructure and administration. Several activities are designed for the students during their course that helps to improve the knowledge base. Every faculty member is extremely supportive to the students in studies, cultural events etc. The faculties here are with extensive knowledge and works in synergy with the students. DSCE (VTU) provides a great atmosphere. I'm very lucky to get admission in DSCE (VTU). College provides lots of opportunities for students to get internship and placements.

– Ms.Ankita Pandey
I MBA (2021-23) Batch

Moving to Bangalore to join DSCE is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I remember on our induction day faculties spoke regarding utilizing of valuable time, burning our daily calorie target by exploring the college and experiencing whatever we feel like doing in these two amazing years. Waking up every single day motivates me to go to DSCE because of the splendid faculty, staff and the knowledge which they give us. I still remember the very first time I met my every single friend and got to know this is where I belong. I feel very fortunate for being a part of DSCE DOMS.

– Ms.Juhitha Reddy
I MBA (2021-23) Batch

I love everything about DAYANANDA SAGAR INSTITUTIONS, the environment, the infrastructure, the faculty and how they stimulate us to participate in events and take up new things. I am very new to the department of management studies, DSCE although I am not new to the Dayananda sagar institutions. There is something significantly unique about the college. I am glad with my choice to enroll in this college for MBA program. We have already come across many opportunities to develop our communication, leadership and analytical skills through various events that is taking place in the department. The department is helping us develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself.

– Ms.Arpitha B.S
I MBA (2021-23) Batch

I was lucky enough to let my instincts choose Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (VTU). After being in a pandemic era of online education for my UG and jump start to on-campus classes for MBA at DSCE all of the notorious student inside me wanted was to indulge in every possible activity with the department of management studies. Thankfully DSCE has all types of events like cultural,managerial and educational which is helping me in learning a lot of things completely stress-free. The curriculum, workshops and faculty have great expertise in providing exceptional industrial exposure through trending business ideology and knowledge. I came across such stunning personalities and experiences with HOD madam, faculty and my friends is what I'm really grateful for. Everyone in the campus is extremely helpful and wouldn’t say no to any sort of academic help aswell as personality development. Just say if i am having trouble in understanding this and professors are ready with a text even at 10 p.m. Our campus is extremely peaceful and organised so that it creates a positive attitude right after stepping in every morning. In simple terms #havingbesttime in learning, understanding, building as well as maturing. Thank you to all the facilitators for providing good learning experience with a lot of fun activities on campus.

– Ms.Harshitha.K
I MBA (2021-23) Batch

A student like me is one of the thousand students in Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering studying MBA who strive for the future in a college which is renowned for its excellence when it comes to post graduation. It has been a blend of both enjoyment and hard work. The infrastructure in the college provides me a great exposure. Teaching facilities has really been great so far and Professors are really engaging and push us forward. Campus has provided a lot of facilities for both academic and cultural activities. From the college I got opportunity to work for two certified internships in reputed companies in market. It has been an amazing experience. Even in this pandemic, where most of them are suffering from unemployment, I feel grateful that I got placement for job in V-guard industries Limited. All these happened because of the college I got into.

– Manvith Raj T R

As the saying goes “decision determines destiny”, deciding to be a part of DSCE, Department of Management Studies was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I still remember the day when I entered into this heavenly abode seeking admission for MBA, I was flattered by the way our faculty members treated us in a professional manner and explained regarding the program. From then till the day the college started, I was very excited to be here in the campus. Once the classes started, the way they inculcate knowledge to us is no less than our best friend teaching us and the way they interact with us is no less than a family. Never imagined that I would love a place to this extent where I stay on the campus for an hour after the classes are done. Never thought I would come across such wonderful and inspiring people here. 3 months of college and I feel like I’ve been here for long time. Thanks to all the teaching, non-teaching staff and all my friends who are playing a major role in shaping my future and thanks to those special friends who are making me feel this place a home away from home.

– Rudresh MS

My life at DSCE has been the greatest college life till date, as the quote says, TIME matters a lot and that TIME has brought me to this beautiful present, which is helping me to build a successful future. My Inspiration is Steve Jobs, because of the way he speaks, the way he presents himself, his commitment, his vision and what not! Moreover his attitude is impeccable and it cannot be matched by anyone so easily. The astonishing fact is that I found the same commitment, attitude, communication skills in my Marketing Management Professor. That also doesn't mean he is the only professor who has inspired me in the department. Each and every professor has a unique positive energy in them, who are so kind enough to spread that positivity among all of the students. All the faculty members take initiative in boosting our mental health by conducting regular proctor meets. Of course they are strict in class premises but also a very good friend, off the class. I heartily thank all the non-teaching staff who drains their sweat out, in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness inside the campus. Thus I conclude by saying that My Life at DSCE has influenced me so much in seeking the better version of myself.

– Deepak SR

Life at DSCE is a magnificent journey one could experience. When I visited the college for admission, first thing is that I just loved the college campus and there were a huge crowd of students passing by. It was in the month of September, our I semester classes were commenced and I made new friends from different places on the very first day. As days passed, I had a very nice experience with different events conducted by the department. The live projects, Gestione event, all of these gave me a great exposure towards learning. My journey at DSCE of about 2 years is about to finish and I really miss my college days.

– Varshitha HV

I have completed my UG in Computer Science Engineering. Coming from engineering background to MBA feels different and great as MBA gives me the best of both worlds. So keeping this in mind I picked MBA in DSCE as it is one of the reputed institutions for MBA in Bengaluru. This college has helped me to build my confidence and overcome my fear of speaking in front of an audience. Along with this I get to learn a lot of things due to my daily interactions with my friends as well as others every day. We have very supportive faculty members who try to help us in every possible way. And the lush green campus who doesn’t fall in love with it? The college keeps me active all the time with lot of interesting activities. I am living the best of my life in DSCE. And also I am happy to be a part of social media team and organising team for events which has taught me how to manage the situations and organise the events.

– Madhura U

I am pursuing my last year of MBA at DSCE. DSCE is one of the dream colleges I dreamt of. DSCE gave me exposure to corporate world. I thank all my teachers for providing a great knowledge and exposure to the industry. I'm going to cherish my entire life for being here and choosing this college has been one of my best decisions of life.

– Deepika Kulkarni

I would be delighted to say that I am a student in such a stupendous world class, state-of-the art campus with highly suited MBA programs for one’s personal, professional and social development. The lush green bio diverse and aesthetically designed campus motivates any student to unleash their cravings for knowledge, skills and personal development which is topped over by highly qualified and motivating faculty members who would go to the verge to drive the best out of their students who seek to be the best in the corporate world. For a student from a moderate background and from an un-prejudiced family, the ambience would elevate the thoughts and acceptance of the world as it is offered, which would provide the mindset to have a delicate balance between corporate and personal life in future endeavors. The students are being groomed to display the best mannerisms and behaviors by following the guidelines, maintaining decorum and discipline with their subordinates and also by patronizing the historically acclaimed glory of the institution to give their best in the academics and non-academic activities.

– Bharath Gowtham TN

DSCE is well known for its beautiful campus with trees and garden all around you will feel like you are in “Ooty”. Education can help people to improve their skills and knowledge, so these two years spent in DSCE-MBA is helped me to grow better professionally and personally. I had many opportunities to develop managerial skills, capabilities and proactive thinking through “Chanakya” event. It helped me to gain the knowledge it was the memorable experience in my college life. We earned the knowledge with co-curricular and extracurricular activities mainly practical knowledge with industrial exposure. And we did digital marketing campaigns on social awareness. Lecturers help every student to learn new things and get progress. Academic success seemed like an unattainable dream for me but I feel very lucky to have a wonderful mentor like all my lecturers. I really very glad to say that all professors guided me and helped me in this corona situation also. Really, I am thankful to all.
Gopalkrishna Deshpande

“It is difficult for a non-commerce student and scary too for an introvert student to graduate MBA from college like DSCE”

That was the first thought when I came to know that KEA has allotted my seat to the DSCE College. I knew Bengaluru will be nice to me but not sure about the college when I entered to through the main gate, and then taking up the stairs to meet the faculty who was describing about the course not the placement, that was quite impressive. So taking up the task to clear all the procedures, there I was ready to enter the first day of my college. I was sure to skip the procedure to make friends, I mean it’s a difficult task to introduce ourselves again, but then here is the DSCE college for you guys to make this procedure as simple as to cook a Maggie,
They not only introduce people with their names, place where they came from, they introduce us with their dreams and their skills. So yes first day was about the subjects stuffs but more about the FASCINATING DAYS which was about to come.
It wasn’t a week in the college they introduced us with the treasure hunt event, it was not about to pass the time, it was the game to pass the time with your team, and from that time we were no more strangers. I must say that was a quite clever step to have us a trip to college.
It’s been a 2 week and still can’t stop writing about the college. So yes now who cares whether you are commerce or non-commerce student because faculty here will pamper you like anything
S Ambika