Creating value through HR services

For any business organization, managing employees is the most significant function. HR functions are having far-reaching consequences and are not clearly understood by employees. HR handles payroll processing to employee development and this will have an impact on employees and the organization.

There are two key functions employees expect human resource professionals to perform effectively. Compensating employees properly and providing other benefits comes first. The second involves charting the right career progression for employees. HR has to facilitate employees’ growth by helping them get their next job. It can be done by developing leadership skills in the candidates and focusing on succession planning.

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Talent management has to start with an internal assessment of the employees and it includes analyzing their strengths and weaknesses based on their immediate performance. Third-party assessments can sometimes be conducted and based on that, the design of internal development for employees can be carried out. Line managers can help employees to develop their technical skills whereas HR can focus on behavioral and leadership skills.

HR function depends on the business strategy of an organization. A growth-oriented organization will focus on talent acquisition, learning, and development of employees. The requirement changes from time to time. HR professionals’ top priority during the Covid 19 period was employee wellbeing. Firms focused on providing health assistance and support. During the high growth phase, it is talent acquisition and development will play a prominent role in the minds of HR leaders.

Most of the organizations started automating HR processes like payroll, benefits, assessment, learning, and development. Employee records are also digitized, and they can access and manage online. Any questions regarding the various processes can be asked of HR, and all the possible processes are streamlined. This has helped HR become business enablers and all the routine functions are automated. Because of automation, the value of HR has increased manifold and they can focus on making the business successful.

Many employees look for digital services where they can manage their salary, PF, attendance, and leave details at the single click of a button. But most organizations are unable to integrate all these details in a single platform. HR services in the future will focus on integrating all employee details and providing a single-window for employees to access all the information.



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