The CC-Concept

By human excellence we emphasize the awakening of human conscience, which is truly based on purity of thought and character .It is obvious that human tendency is always seeking towards achieving perfection and excellence. Nobody will deny enjoying the sip of success. But sometimes most of us lag in it just because we miss the CC-concept.

Here in my article about The CC-concept, I have attempted to define CC as Clarity with Confidence. When both confidence and clarity are missing from the equation, success and performance cannot be sustained for an extended period of time.

Career success and job satisfaction depends on the level of confidence. Our actions at work might be greatly affected by our level of confidence. When we have faith in our skills, we don’t waste time doubting ourself. Self-confidence is the belief in oneself that one can successfully complete a task. There may have been times in our life when we have something on our mind but lacked the courage to express it. You may be able to take on new challenges as a result. Having goals can help you focus on being more self-sufficient. We can define success according to our own standards by setting goals. Achieving these objectives will greatly increase our confidence and inspire us to work harder on future endeavors.

At the same time, many people today believe that their confidence will suffice even if they lack the required clarity. Going through life head-on will be chaotic with such an attitude. A lot of emphasis is placed on having confidence in oneself. Maybe you’ve heard someone telling you to believe in yourself. However, nobody discusses being clear. Nobody encourages you to move with a clear purpose and a plan rather than with blind confidence. Confidence can be built and improved. But clarity in thoughts is a state of mind in which you are more focused and your perception is clear.

People mistakenly believe that confidence can be used to replace clarity, but it cannot. Without clarification, confidence sometimes can be disastrous. Confidence with clarity must go hand in hand.

Knowing the distinction between self-worth and self-confidence increases your likelihood of realizing that:

Confidence is situational and is based on your experience and expertise of the issues at hand.

Nobody has the knowledge or experience necessary to act with genuine assurance in every circumstance.

Feeling inadequate in a certain situation shouldn’t affect your sense of self-esteem or of your personal worth.

Because of what others have accomplished, you are not any less of a person.

It’s acceptable to acknowledge your ignorance and show respect for others without losing your sense of self.

However, people are unaware that having self-confidence is not everything in life. Clarity must go along with it in order for it to be effective.

Dr.Karpagavalli G
Asst Prof, DOMS, DSCE


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