Can we really have “Friends” at Work – An Argument?

Relationships are destined to emerge given the quantity of time we spend at work. That is a pleasant thing. According to research, having friends at work can enhance job happiness, performance, and productivity.

We regularly chat with people we enjoy working with as “friends”, but there is a distinction. While being sociable in the job can help enhance morale and enjoyment, you ought to set boundaries. Instead of trying to make friends at work, it’s far most desirable to preserve amicable relations with employees. Oversharing approximately private information and finances would possibly come back to haunt you. An informal chat about residence searching, for example, would possibly result in you disclosing your budget, inflicting friction around bonuses, and raise season.

Many companies are hierarchical, and robust ties can from time to time generate trouble on the subject of promotions or project assignments.

You do not need to be embarrassed about fighting for and receiving promotions. However, when one person in a friendship is promoted, the dynamic shifts. That man or woman may also emerge as more resentful, which may also have a destructive effect on performance. It may place stress on a relationship. If this occurs, take a seat down and evaluate the relationship, in addition, to setting up new limits.

Sharing personal information with a coworker who you believed had your back may doubtlessly damage your professional chances if the information is utilized against you.

When your friends emerge as better or decrease than you, it increases questions about how open, truthful, and real you are.

For example, in case you told a coworker that you were not satisfied with your present role and have been looking for a brand new one, and then you obtain a promotion over your friend and choose to stay, you could experience bitterness and irritation.  

Workplace friendships end up even extra hard for bosses and their subordinates. You don’t want to look like giving one person an edge or a pass on poor behavior.

Build trust and respect along with your direct reports via way of means of being nice. It’s a two-way street: you need them to feel valued, but you also do not need them to know too much.

Being too close to a coworker may have a terrible effect on you if your friend is not held in excessive appreciation. It can also jeopardize your assignment and project possibilities, or prohibit you from being included in sensitive information if your colleagues are concerned that it will likely be leaked to an untrustworthy colleague.  


  Prof. Radha Pavitra Y
Assistant Professor


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