Cold Chain logistics

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

              ~WINSTON CHURCHILL

Worrying solves nothing. As a logistics professional it’s important to run “what if” scenarios and dig into any areas that give challenges.

A situation where a sudden malfunctioning of cold storage equipment due to power outages, coolant failures, poor cooling circulations while transporting the biological cargo is unimaginable.

 A technology that allows for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods and products along the supply chain is referred to as cold chain logistics. Cold chain technology is continued to be hugely important for global trade.

Cold Chain Logistics is the transportation of temperature-controlled goods such as food & beverages, medical goods, temperature-sensitive chemicals, and more, from one place to another. Any rise or fall in the temperature during any logistics phase will lead to disaster for the goods.

The elements of the cold chain logistics include cold storage, cooling systems, cold transport, cold processing, and cold distribution


There are several methods in cold chain transportation to keep the goods at the proper temperature and the selection of each method depends on the length of the transport, the size of the packaged shipment, and the seasonality.

The following are said to be the most challenges in cold chain management which really have an impact on the freight shipments.

Product quality issues

Inadequate packaging

Lack of proper documentation

Shipment and transport delay due to unexpected reasons

Disrupted climate control and temperatures.

Therefore, it is in the hands of companies dealing with such frozen products and medical goods for ensuring safe and damage-free transportation.

Dr. Karpagavalli. G

Asst Prof, DSCE-MBA


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